Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014: How much did I really spend to get myself into the hunt field?

Complete honesty here. Hopefully someone will find it helpful.

Blowing the horn? Taking a swig from an imaginary flask? Who knows.

Hacking jacket--$50 on Fox Hunting Animals and Articles for Sale. Had to get it altered to fit, so final cost was $80.
White ratcatcher shirt--$10, used at the local tack shop
White stock tie--$40 at the local tack shop (yes, this was before I knew better)
Patterned stock tie--$7 from Sheilagh Barndollar on Fox Hunting Animals and Articles for Sale
Black melton--$270 new at Middleburg Tack Exchange (but reeeeallly it was a gift from Byron Yeah I'm just deluding myself there.)
Canary vest--$50 on sale at local tack shop
"Nice" (ie. not yet stained) breeches--$20
Brown gloves--$30
Brown boots--$100 used, plus $150 to have the uppers taken in. Yeah...spent way too much for super-old boots but I really enjoy them.
Saddle and 3 white fitted pads--$300 (saddle is an Ainsley Bartlett, bought from a friend, who threw in a bunch of saddle pads for free)

Polly-$300/month for four months= $1200

Willie-$200 for a month (never did get a picture of him--he was a bay TB with no markings and sort of a smallish Quarter Horse-y build)

Windsor-borrowed free

Tango-borrowed free

Lessons: I can't believe it, but I have taken almost no lessons this year. I'm not sure of the exact number but the total is definitely under $100 for all lessons in 2014.
Cubbing: Free
Hunt clinic: $40

6-cap package: $475

Total: $3,072

Frugal if! Though I guess most horse owners in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area spend at least $600 (a conservative estimate) on board and farrier fees each month.'s as if I just half-leased a horse at $300/month for a year, which would bring me to $3,600 before any lessons or clinics or other extras. Actually, it's like I saved money. Right?

Anyway, hopefully this breakdown of cost will help someone figure out what it takes to get your butt on a horse in the hunt field (and remember, this is the CHEAP way!).

I'm going to go throw up now. Why is this my hobby?


  1. Well, you did a lot better than I did! I spent well over your costs on just tack alone this year... much less lessons/shows/board...... you catch my drift, LOL

    1. Easy to do if your horse(s) are hard to fit or you need to replace things...
      It's a lot for me on a writer's budget but I think it will be interesting to review each year and see how I do--as well as for others to see you really don't have to spend a ton of money to get started!

  2. I'll glad you're back to the blog writing!

    1. I'm glad people are actually reading! And surprised!